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Nuevo Vallarta Attractions

Travel and Vacation Tips Nuevo Vallarta Mexico

Nuevo Vallarta Attractions and Sightseeing

Nuevo Vallarta Attractions

Nuevo Vallarta is a completely planed vacation resort area and everything is designed to fit modern tourisms needs. As it is not grown from an older city or fisher village to its actual size, the traveler will not find any historic building. To find this kind of attraction the guest may visit nearby Puerto Vallarta, featuring an about 500 year old history. Nuevo Vallarta it self is an attraction and worth to have a closer look to its structure and tourist offers. Also the setting and the extraordinary natural Nuevo Vallarta attractions in and around the resort area are unique. Very famous are the Humpback whales, which can be observed during special Whale Watching Tours.

Nuevo Vallarta Sightseeing

Of mayor interest for the visitor is the 7 mile long artificial shippable channel system with its 300 slip Marina. Surrounded by exclusive Nuevo Vallarta hotels, restaurants, galleries or shopping miles, which fit all, including the luxuries needs travelers may have. Very nice to see are also the artificial islands, where a dream living comes true for the Nuevo Vallarta property owners. Very impressive is the well done integration of buildings or streets in the natural surroundings. Often visited by the travelers are also the three local golf courses, locale exhibitions or sea life parks, where people may participate at extraordinary experiences like swimming with dolphins or sea lions.

Natural Attractions in Nuevo Vallarta

Nuevo Vallartas exceptional setting between the Sierra Madre Mountains and deep in the Banderas Bay with best travel weather, features a numerous count of species. Very important to see at least one time are the year by year regressing Humpback whales and dolphins. Also the huge sea turtles are an extraordinary experience and interested travelers have the possibility to observe them in special camps. The Marietta Islands close to Nuevo Vallarta bewitch through a huge number of only there existing bird species. The Sierra Madre Mountains offer a rich nature and magnificent views over the bay.

A world wide unique attraction is the nearby living Huichol tribe, which was able to conserve its authentic culture through the last 500 years until today. The capital of Jalisco, Guadalajara, makes possible a view into the real and modern Mexico. On the other hand, small villages, lost in time, take the traveler back in time, to a historic estate of Mexico, normally only seen in older movies. Many typical Mexican presentations and products are shown day by day in Nuevo Vallarta.

Sightseeing Nuevo Vallarta

Nuevo Vallarta Attractions

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