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Nuevo Vallarta Weather

Weather in Nuevo Vallarta Mexico

Weather in Nuevo Vallarta

Nuevo Vallarta weather forecast, climate and water temperatures

Nuevo Vallarta climate

The climate in the Banderas Bay and the travel weather in Nuevo Vallarta are dominated through nearly the whole year by sun and best temperatures. The location close to the equator and at the same latitude as Hawaii in combination with its tranquil location deep inside the Banderas Bay, result in a warm, more or less caribbean climate in Nuevo Vallarta. More than 300 days with sunshine and temperatures between 20 and 35 degree Celsius make of the area an attractive travel destination all year round. The main season is the winter time, when many travelers from the US and Canada leave their cold cities to enjoy under the sun and with warm temperatures the Christmas time and the New Year in Nuevo Vallarta.

Temperatures and sunny days in Nuevo Vallarta

Sunshine and warm to hot temperatures together with rain free time from October to June convert Nuevo Vallarta into the perfect travel destination for vacationers from worlds northern countries. The lowest temperatures during the winter range from 15 to 20 degrees Celsius during December and January. From February to June the temperatures are between 25 and 35 degrees with absolutely no rainy days.

During July to September some rain falls on three of 7 days, about two hours of warm rain which is a very welcome refresh for the people and the nature. Before and after the rain normally sun shows up again. Some days with clouds are also very welcome, because otherwise it is very difficult to stay the whole day on the beach in the sun.

Water temperatures

Water temperatures in Nuevo Vallarta are very well, during the summer one could speak of hot water. Up to 30 degrees hot water, is the best water temperature for children and families as well as for adults, making swimming and playing around in the water for hours possible. Very nice is the circumstance, that the water in Nuevo Vallarta is shelf water, so people may walk in up to 300 meters. During winter the water is colder, but still acceptable. As it is shelf water it warms up quite fast, very welcome by surfers, swimmers and everybody else.

Nuevo Vallarta climate

Nuevo Vallarta Weather

Beach Weather

Puerto Vallarta and the entire Banderas Bay are a whole year round travel destination because of the warm weather.